J.D. from Texas A&M University School of Law (formerly known as Texas Wesleyan)

B.S in Biology from Baylor University


Estate Planning
Corporate Structuring
Asset Protection


Tel: 469.307.5100


Amy Rice knows what is important to her clients; personal attention – nothing cookie cutter. She explains, “No two clients are the same. It’s important to get a clear snapshot of what the client’s issue is to understand how to formulate a game plan.” Amy believes good communication is the best way to achieve this. She continues, “For example, if a client is there to learn the ins and outs of Estate Planning, we start off by giving a basis of understanding, then giving them the options, and then talk through what’s best for them.”

It was in law school that Amy recognized the importance of active communication and forging relationships. That is why she enjoys estate planning. “I am able to shift people from clients to friends because you are intimately involved in people’s lives and families” she explains. Because the topic of estate planning is sometimes difficult to discuss, she understands how a close connection can make the client feel comfortable. She also discovered there aren’t always right or wrong answers. The correct answer for one may not be the correct answer for someone else.


Family is of primary importance to Amy. When working with estate planning, she is passionate on helping the client protect what they have and what they have achieved, so that when the time comes, they can protect their legacy. Of course, Amy is also experienced is other areas, such as, entity formation and corporate structuring. “I love helping people who are starting a business. Whether that be a small business owner getting started or a business owner who has grown to the point where they need help.” The complexity of the job is challenging and when success is achieved, highly rewarding.


Amy graduated from Baylor University in Waco, Texas with a Bachelor of Science in Biology. She then received her Doctor of Jurisprudence/Juris Doctor (J.D.) from Texas A&M University School of Law (formerly known as Texas Wesleyan University of Law) in Fort Worth, Texas. Following law school, Amy joined Caton and Carlton (McKinney) as an associate attorney. There she assisted with both estate planning and commercial real estate transactions. She was also outside counsel for a Dallas-based dental management company who served over 50 dental offices located in Texas, New Mexico, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Alaska. Eventually, she became full time in-house council.

In her role as in-house counsel, Amy offered advice and counsel on a diverse number of legal matters for the benefit of the group and its clients. These legal matters included areas such as compliance and regulatory issues, human resources and employment law, commercial lease negotiations and real estate transactions, and corporate entity structuring.

Amy re-joined KB Carlton in 2014 and is currently the Rockwall managing partner. While working as in-house counsel was challenging, she likes the small, intimate office of KB Carlton because the team feels like a family. “We so easily promote the family type relationships with clients because we embrace it within our company as well. We practice what we preach in making sure that we provide great, personal service, and we treat each other with similar respect.”


Amy is a proud, born and bred Texas gal who has been in Rockwall since 2011 with her husband, Cory Rice, and three children; a five-year-old son and twin three-year-old girls. “I love all my jobs, but my most important title is ‘mom’, that’s why I love estate planning. I understand parents who want the best for their kids.”